2 Weeks Lemon Water Challenge

Lemon is an oval-shaped fruit and it is blessed with a rich amount of vitamin C. Lemon has been used for hundreds of years from its discovery and still in use just because it has so many attributes that helps in fighting with different   lemon-water-challengedisease and infections. It is yellow in color, its inner flesh is divided in 8-10 segments that holds its water and saves it from being polluted. Regular intake of lemon water will save you from many illness and different stomach disease. It is blessed with a rich amount of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, B-complex vitamins, calcium and fibers. These ingredients help your immune system to fight against different kinds disease and infections. Its taste is immensely sour and usually it is not been taken alone. Usually lemon water is taken mutually with different types of food or with drinkable. Citric acid causes this intense sourness that is not usually bearable. Therefore lemon water is immensely powerful for those who consume it regularly.

Today we are going to discuss about a challenge that is named “2 Weeks Lemon Water Challenge”. In this challenge you are asked to consume lemon water regularly for about 2 weeks and then you have to notice every single change that is caused by lemon water. You may feel so many changes in yourself if you dare to accept this challenge. Here in addition i am gonna tell you the different benefits that you are going to experience after accepting this challenge. Those benefits are:

  • Digestion: If you are one of those who regularly a complaint about digestion problems then this element is for you only. There are so many studies on lemon water have confirmed that use of lemon watelemon-water-detox-whole-body-by-boosting-immune-systemr is immensely helpful in digestion and even i have also experienced it. It breaks down your hard digestion food and helps your digestions system to emerge as a warrior against digestion problem. In addition in the morning you will not feel any problem while relinquish feces.
  • Improve Your Immune System: Nothing can be better than improving your immune system. Lemon water
    is full of vitamin C, fibers, B-complex vitamins, calcium, potassium and many other elements that help your immune system to fight against different disease.
  • what-is-alkaline-waterAlkaline Food: There are many acids in your body that can have a negative impact in your body that may include acidic stomach, acid re-flux and so many stomach problems. What lemon water does here is that it neutralizes acid in the body. This process can give you a relaxation feeling to your stomach and regular intake of lemon water has the potential to show you its potential that what it can do when it comes to treating digestive system as well as acidic problems in your body.

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