Can lemon water be used for weight loss?

weight lossMelting that extra pound of your body has never been easy as it needs lots of diligence, dedication, hard work and sweating in order to lose that extra fat out of your body. Obesity can be described as the excessive fat accumulated in your body. There could be a myriad of the reason of fat accumulation in your body that may include your lifestyle, eating habits, the environment you are living in and so many other factors. In this busy life, there are a very few people who actually have that kind of dedication and they want to achieve what they want but a very few people not every of them. F actuality is that when it comes to losing that extra pound out of the body then dedication is the key. You can’t lose your weight until you are not dedicated as your dedication not only requires physical exercises but another aspect should also have to be considered such as healthy lifestyle, diet, nutritional foods etc. Today if you see around the globe then you may come across millions of people who are the victims of obesity and every of them want to cut that extra fat from their body. Today we will talk about whether a glass of lemon water can be useful or not in alleviating your weight. Lemon water is simply a mixture of lemon juice and water. In order to make lemon water, you can cut a lime and mix it with a glass of water. For taste, you can add some salt according to taste. Today there are thousands of myths airing over the internet, some of them are lemon can do a miracle in losing your weight, lemon water challenge where the reader of a particular website is convinced to take lemon water challenge of 7 days or 21 days etc. These myths are just hoaxes and they have nothing to do with reality. lemon water

The truth is that lemon water is not going to do something that should be called as a miracle. Don’t expect that you will lose weight just by drinking a glass or two lemon water in a day. According to some of the well-known dietitian – lemon is not going to help you that further that you are dreaming of. According to them, there is no any beverage available that can do magic for the campaign of your weight loss. It is true that lemon water may help you a little bit because it is known to increase your body’s metabolism but that to the limited amount. According to a study published in Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition in 2008- “While lemons may not hold the key to unlocking your thin self, substances in lemons helped rodents lose weight in one study. The polyphenols, which are plant compounds that also act as antioxidants, in lemon peel — some of which are also found in the juice — may help stimulate the liver to burn fat.” The study further illustrates that “supplementing rats on a high-fat diet with lemon polyphenols helped prevent weight gain and the accumulation of body fat better than rats simply fed a high-fat diet.” Therefore if you are dreaming of losing some extra pounds just by drinking lemon water is not going to help you. Instead, you may have to work hard, show the character and sweat your body to a great extent and this would be the key to your success. Water itself is a great detoxifier; therefore if you drink simple water then it would be as effective as the lemon water. The key lies behind the water drink as much water as you can because it will help you alleviate your appetite and may make you feel full. Just keep an eagle eye on the calories that you are taking. Therefore here the conclusion is that whether you drink lemon water or simple water both is going to work in the same way.

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