Lemon Water for Hypertension

hypertensionThere are some medical conditions that need to be restrained at the mild or moderate condition or else it can have fatal results and can give you grave distress and even your physical condition may also be deteriorated if not get to know the problem on its onset. Today we are living in a world that is full of fatal disease and the cause of those diseases are getting mighty with every passing day. Today, if we look around the globe then the majority of different kind of sinister and deadly disease prevalent across the world may flabbergast you and you may leave with a thinking that why this world is so much of grief even after the medical science has advanced.

hypertension-Today if we look towards medical science and the way it has advanced in the medical sector is a subject of commendation but still it hasn’t advanced enough to treat each and every ailment of the world. There are some medical conditions that may last forever until you take your last breath and one of those diseases are high blood pressure or medically known as hypertension. Hypertension is one of the diseases that could be fatal for your body as it can affect each and every part of your body and it is a condition that if not taken carefully may push you towards the graveyard. Well, I am not threatening you but as being a responsible writer it is my ethical duty to apprise you of each and every little and big things that may affect your lifestyle.

what-is-hypertension-Let’s discuss what blood pressure is? It is a pressure of blood upon the walls of the blood vessels and arteries. Your blood has to roam throughout the body in order to keep your body safe from gazillions of external as well as internal threats. It works as transportation medium and transports essential elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, proteins, cells, hormones and other essentials throughout your body. It also protects your body from various threats and regulates the function of your body. It works as an impeccable agent in the body and keeps you safe every now and then. But you may be unaware of the fact that the blood itself may be the problem for your body if it starts functioning in a surly way. Now you are wondering about what the hypertension is?

lemon water for hypertensionWell, it is a condition where the forces of the blood are too high against arteries walls. As you know the blood and its circulation are imperative for your body to sustain life. When you have hypertension your heart has to work assiduously in order to pump the blood through each corner of the body and this condition puts excessive pressure on arteries walls that may damage your arteries in a longer run. There could be many causes of the manifestation of hypertension in our bodies such as excessive intake of salt, anxiety, lack of physical activity or any other underlying health condition of your body which may trigger hypertension in your body. If this condition left untreated then it may cause other diseases that are primarily related to your heart. Therefore hypertension is something that requires upkeep and extreme care so that it could be under control.

Lemon-JuiceLet’s discuss a miraculous agent or can be called treatment option for hypertension that may help significantly alleviate the health deteriorated by hypertension. Lemon is a fruit of the small evergreen tree of the flowering plant family Rutaceae which is native to Asia. Lemon is something that may prove to be an elixir for the patients of hypertension. According to John La Puma, MD, Chef MD “Drinking water with lemon or lime in it is one of the simple approaches and has recommended aiding with weight loss.” Lemon consists of a constituent named citrus which may help decrease the blood pressure in the body. Lemon water for hypertension may also help in keeping blood vessels soft and amiable to the body. As it contains vitamin C and regular intake of this miraculous remedy will help you alleviate the health of your body. Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant that may help extirpate harmful radicals of the body and throw it out of your body. Therefore lemon juice for high blood pressure can prove to be a panacea for you and may help you to alleviate your optimal health.

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