Lemon Water for Kidney Stone

waterWater, the most consumed liquid across the world gives life to every living thing on this planet. Human beings, Animals, plants, insects, amphibians and each and every living thing on this planate require water in order to nourish themselves. Water is one of the most essentials that are necessary for life process, if there would not have been water on this planet then no one would have been imagined life on this planet. Water on this planet is as old as the universe and today it is giving life to the microorganism to the mammoth creatures of this planet. The flabbergasted properties of the water have long been praised by the people of the world. Water is itself a life-giving substance that holds so much of nutrient value in it that is being used in various ailments as one of the important nutrients.

kidney_stone_A kidney stone is a condition which is related to dysfunction of your kidneys. Nephrolithiasis is the medical term used for a kidney stone and this condition can be very onerous if it is in advanced condition. On the onset of kidney stones, the kidneys start accumulating rigid form of salt and minerals inside it. It is a condition where your kidneys allow minerals and salt to be crystallized and form a rigid shape that is painful for you. There could be many causes of the formation of stones in your kidney and some of them could be dehydration, genetics, family history, other medical conditions but one of the biggest reasons is dehydration. If there is a lack of fluid in your body then it is the biggest risk factor of kidney stones.

Healthy-KidneyThe main function of your kidney is to regulate the levels of fluids, minerals, salt and other essential substances of your body. Sometimes your kidneys don’t work properly that may connive dysfunction of your kidney that may further turn into the stones and other kidney problem. When it comes to the symptoms of kidney stones then you may have to face some of the onerous symptoms that may include pain in the abdomen while relinquishing the urine, back, bladder, flank, kidney, urinary tract and another part of the body. The severity of the pain may depend on the severity of the existing condition. The pain may occur at night or while urination. Therefore it becomes your priority to get rid of kidney stones as soon as possible so that it could not reach to advanced level.

lemon water benefitsThere are so many ways that can be used in treating kidney stone but one of the most facile and economical ways to get over this condition is by hydrating your body frequently. Today if you ask any doctor about how confronting kidney stones then probably every doctor will suggest you drink more water as you can so that the stones accumulated in your kidneys flushed away out of your kidneys. Most of the kidney stones are self-treatable and they go out of the kidneys with excessive water drinking but in the case of the severe condition of your kidneys, you may have to see the doctor and the doctor may also prescribe you to take medications so that the severity of the condition could improve. The lemon water of kidney stones may prove to be a panacea for your kidneys.

lemon water for kidney stoneAs you know, water itself is a treatment option for a myriad of health conditions and if you add a supplement to it then it becomes more powerful and may be a boon to your kidneys. Lemons are naturally acidic and have been found to increase citrate levels in the urine which is an essential constituent in discourage kidney stones. According to an 11-patient study conducted at Duke University Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, “lemon water may decrease the formation of kidney stones. Study participants experienced a decrease in kidney storm formation after consuming lemon water over a 44-month period. Consumption of lemon and water can promote kidney health.” Lemon water for kidney stones is something that should be on top of your priority list during the fight with kidney stones. If the kidney stones have got larger than it may be very hard to treat it with lemon water but it will gradually help in breaking the larger stones. Therefore lemon for kidney stones is an option that should be used on priority so that the smaller stones could break down easily so that you could also live your life as you wanted.


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