Urinary Tract Infection and Lemon Water

Lemon-JuiceLemon or lemon water has long been a history of being used in the vast field of medical science and as a home remedy, it has been used in every Indian household. Lemon also is known as citrus lemon is a species of a small evergreen tree of the flowering plant Rutaceae. This fruit can be used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes. It has been primarily used for its juice that contains lots of constituents in it which is useful for various health-related problems. Its taste is sour because it has the pH level around 2.2 that gives it unbearable sourness. You may find it hard to take this as stand-alone food just because of its sourness. There are many health related problems that can be treated by the use of lemon water.

Today we will talk about one of those diseases that could be healed if used lemon water as the treatment of that disease. Urinary Tract Infection often abbreviated as UTI is a kind of internal infection that is related to your urinary tract. The urinary tract is responsible for removing waste particle and excess water of the body. The urinary tract consists of kidneys, bladder, urethra etc. The kidneys are small organs of your body that reside on either side of the spine and it is situated about waist level. The kidneys are one of the most important parts of the body as it filters harmful particles of the body, excessive water which is called urine also being removed by the help of kidneys. If something unusual happens in the body like a hike in blood pressure or blood sugar occurrence then your kidneys may respond to it and will be affected by it.

Urinary tract infectionAny part of the urinary tract can be the prey of infection whether it is upper part or lower part. Your upper urinary tract consists of kidneys and ureters. Infection of upper urinary tract affects your kidneys which can cause severe symptoms in your body which could be very perturbing for you. The lower urinary tract consists of the bladder and urethra. Most of the UTI consists of lower urinary tract infection that consists of the bladder and urethra. There could be many painful symptoms that you may have to face if you will be infected with UTI. Symptoms may include strong urge to urinate, severe pain in pelvic, burning sensation, fever, nausea, chills, vomiting etc. Just imagine, you have an urge to urinate and when you go to relinquish urine and as soon as the urine starts coming out of your urethra you feel something unpleasant to your genitals.

symptoms-of-utiYou may feel pain, burning sensation that may make hard for you to relinquish urine out of the body. Sometimes you may feel pain in your abdomen while relinquishing urine if so then your UTI may have been advanced to an extent level that is causing severe problems for you. There could be several causes that may trigger this kind of infection in your body such as menopause, poor hygiene, stones in kidneys, flow of urine has been blocked, pregnancy, weak immune system, problem in emptying the bladder for any reason etc but most of the UTI cases consists of infection with a kind of bacteria called Escherichia coli, better known as E. coli. It is a bacterium that normally resides in the bowel. There are some medical conditions of UTI which falls under this kind of infection.

Cystitis: It is an infection of your bladder that may cause symptoms such as low fever, cramping of stomach, abdomen or lower back pain.

Acute pyelonephritis: It is a severe kidney infection. If you are infected with this kind of infection then you may have to face severe upper back and side pain, chills, fever, fatigue, and even mental changes that may perturb you.

lemon water benefitsLemon water for UTI is something that should be on the top. If you want any kind of help in order to relieve the infection urinary tract then try drinking lemon water for UTI that will surely soothe the symptoms. You can start your day with a cup of lukewarm lemon water which will surely pave the way for a healthier urinary tract which may help cleanse your urinary tract and alkaline your body which will a great boon to your urinary tract. It is also a great antioxidant that if taken on a regular basis may help assail and extirpate free radicals of your body. Lemon water may help you flush the bacterial waste and thus it may help remove harmful bacteria out of your body. Therefore just go in the shelter of the humble lemon and it will take care of each and everything that is going bad in your body.

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